Our cafe is situated in a small traditional street at the oldest neighborhood of Leonidio, just 50 m off the main market street of the village.  You can easily find us by following the signs on the street, the climbing shoes will show you the way…

In winter time we are open every day from 9:30-00:00 and sometimes even longer…

Here you can find literally mama’s food (since,  Thomi, our main cook, is one of our mothers!). Together with Mania they prepare nice meals with Greek products (meat, legumes, vegetables from the fields of Leonidio, dairy) and salads with a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables, dry fruit and cheese. You could also find nice traditional pies and snacks with or without meat as well as sweets, cakes with chocolate, carrot or spices. Most of the times we have also food for vegan diet, and if not you could just give us a special order!

Besides the kitchen we serve hot and cold beverages. Our espresso based coffees are made with the finest quality of Companiero, Zapatista coffee, 100% fairtrade and beside that you can find filter coffee, Greek coffee, decafeine and various teas and herbal mixes. Our fruit or green smoothies vary depending on the season. Just ask us on the counter!

And as for the drinks with or without alcohol, don’t miss  our bio family wine from Nemea, Greek beer ZEOS and VERGINA, alcohol free Amstel, as well as the Tsipouro, the Ouzo, the Masticha and of course the famous hot-honey-based Rakomelo or Mastichomelo, which you can all accompany with our variety plates (mixes of our daily snacks).

Enjoy your day at Pánjika CAFE